Container tank

Container tanks for the storage of drinking-water, foodstuff, the storage of liquids obtaining by a chemical process, for the use of wine-growing and for stroring brandy which alcohol content doesn't pass the 20%.

D: (mm) 1000;  1500;  2000;  2500

L: (mm)  1500-3000;   2000-3500;  2000-4500;  2500-4500;

M: (mm) 1500-3000;   2000-3500;  2000-4500;  2500-4500;

Depth: (mm) 5-15

We make make our containers in the dimensions above in self-coloured and in coloured version. The placing and the quantity of the cleaner's-opening and the filling and vacating stumps becames as our customers would like.