870 x 480 mm

 The material of the sinks is a fibreglass amplificationned polyceramic.

 The easy cleanning fascinate the tidyhousewives.

 Acid-proof, coloured heat resistant till 250°C, fit to the preseriptions of the foodstuff indrustry.

 The KERMI license: 13300677/88.

 Beat and scratch resistant which join together the good quality of the acid and rust-proof sinks.

 With the heat insulator ot prolong the necessary hot-impression when you do the washing-up.

 The sinks are made of diver colour their design is in a perfect accord with their functions.

 Because of their stability and their strenght you can install the stirrer tap directto the sink.

 To fix the reservior to the plate of the sink-chestwe and the other actuators the sinks has borings in different dimension and location fit to the dimensions of the connector and fit to our customers demands.