Omega Plast Co. Ltd.

our company the OMEGAPLAST Co. Ltd. has been dealing with the manufacturing of fibreglass polyester products since 1985. We pursue our activities at our plan whose basic area is 2000 square meters and located between Debrecen and Hajdúszoboszló at the 210th kilometer stone on the fourth main route.

Our products are manufactured with a laminating and vacuum injection process. 

We also deal with the planning of reinforced plastic products and the production of manufacturer tools. We guarantee the reparation and renvovation of other fibreglass products and the creation of local coating.


Main Products:

  • Transporting and Container Tanks
    We make our indrustial container tanks for the storage of drinking-water, foodstuff, the storage of liquides obtaining by a chemical process and for the use of wine-growing. We sell our container tanks in self-coloured and in coloured version too. We form the cleaner's-openings and the connecting-stumps as our customers would like.


  • Kayaks and Canoes
    We products canoes and falt-boats from one to four person in different colour compositions as our customers want.


  • Boats
    We make fishing boats, and sport boats in rowing and motor-driven execution from one to five person in different colours as our customers would like.


  • Household sinks
    We product sinks with KERMI license in different colours and in different sizes which are acid heat and scratch resistant and satisfy all demands.


Beyond these products we also undertake the production of every product in small and grand quantity as our customers want with pattern - or with a pattern which is secured by customer. We undertake the reparation and the reconstruction of other fibreglass pruducts and local preparation of coverages.

For the information of prices please get in touch with our customer service.



Our Ltd. has a quality certificate since 1998.

At present we execute our work with ISO9001:2000 and ISO4001:2005, it's a quality and enviromental control system.

In 2006 we have handed an application successfully for the improvement of fibrefixed epoxi avarage-voltage crossholdings, and we started their series productions in 2008. We firstly install insulating-arms in nature reserves to save the protected birds from the danger of electric shock.